2020 YesYes Books Open Reading Period Longlist

:This year we offer a Longlist from which we will choose a Shortlist & make publication offers. Please join us in congratulating the poets!" 

- YesYes Books  

2020 Open Reading Period Longlist  

Bone Language by Jamaica Baldwin  

Tender Machines by J. Mae Barizo  

bad prayer by Katie Berta  

Little Houdini by Sara Brickman  

Not Bilingual by Sean Cho A.  

Acts of Self Consumption by Ally Chua  

green by Audrey Colasanti  

What Makes a Pearl by Emily Cole  

something something love by J. David  

Stone Fruit by Gardner Dorton  

gaslight gutter rainbows by Melissa Eleftherion  

108 Olivia by Maria Flaccavento  

Oxblood by Nicole Garcia  

Beforelight by Matthew Gellman  

No Escape by Robin Gow  

Away Message by Lizzie Harris  

Spandrel: a Queer Eco-poetics by Alec Hershman  

Gut by J. Bailey Hutchinson  

The Forgetting Curve by Erika Luckert  

Tragic Margin by Frances Mac  

Silence Emerging from Birds by Rebecca Macijeski  

Birds Of by Jill Mceldowney  

Alydar by Jill Mceldowney  

No Miracle by Rachel Mindell  

The Unbelieving Yelp of Prey by Alex Mouw  

The Shipwreck of the Body by Daniel Moysaenko  

Our Lady of the Fallow by Megan Neville  

Trouble in the Way by Omotunde Oredipe  

All of This Was Once Under Water by Natalie Padilla Young  

Resurrection Mouth by Elizabeth Theriot  

Leftover Hymns by Brandon Thurman  

Beast at Every Threshold by Natalie Wee  

Wolfdog by Clare Welsh